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Polysulphide Sealant Areas of Application For sealing and maintenance of horizontal joints in • Aircraft fuelling areas • Oil terminals • Garage forecourts • Concrete Roads • Parking and cargo areas • Warehouses • Industrial Floors
PU EFOAM Use It is used in building industry for sealing, filling, insulating, fixing, installing and mounting (windows and door frames).
PPRIME 25PHA Epoxy resin based primer for concrete surfaces
PPRIME 30D Solvented penetrating primer for concrete surface
PDPRIME 25PA Epoxy resin based primer for concrete surfaces
PDFLOOR SL 0.5 -4 mm Thick self smoothing seamless epoxy floor toppings.
PDFLOOR TC 200 Pdfloor TC 200 provides a hard wearing, chemical and abrasion resistant floor finish.
Pdproof SBR Super Residential Water tanks, Chajjas, Terraces, DPC, Over sunken slabs in bathrooms ,As bond coating : Plaster to plaster, concrete to concrete, For plaster over brick masonry ,As waterproof repair plaster ,
Pdproof SBR latex Waterproofing of terrace, toilets, chajja, masonry walls, slopping RCC roofs, etc. Repairs to RCC members ,Waterproofing mortars / concretes ,In repair mortars / concretes
Pdsil 190 To treat concrete against ingress of water and water borne salts. To minimize efflorescence in masonry structures. To create water repellency in bricks and concrete blocks
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